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Jeff Zwack


For over 15 years I have worked as a clinical therapist in both Regina & Saskatoon. I have Master & Bachelor Degrees in Social Work from the University of Regina. I have extensive experience working with individuals and families experiencing mental health difficulties, trauma, substance use and gambling issues. As a therapist, I value watching clients and families develop new coping skills and break free from unhealthy situations.

I appreciate that accessing therapeutic support can sometimes be difficult; however, when therapy is done effectively the outcomes can be remarkable. I believe that balance is necessary for healthy functioning; therefore, my therapeutic approach cultivates personal and relational balance, while inspiring personal growth and independence.

Those that I work with are encouraged to embrace their individual values, beliefs, and culture while developing their personal identity and full potential. I strive to promote self-healing, empowerment, and resilience. I embrace a Trauma-Informed Practice that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , Narrative Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy,  Motivational Interviewing, and self-esteem work. Additionally, stress, anger & anxiety management support is prioritized allowing clients to learn skills to cope with life transitions, create and maintain meaningful relationships, resolve conflict, and develop mindfulness and grounding practices. 


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